Boho trend - 5 styling ideas for summer 2022

 The boho trend - our fashion guide

Especially popular this year: the BOHO STYLE

Whether beach bags, summer dresses or jewelry - the popular one Bohemian chic mentally enchants you on the beach!

In our Fashion Guide we have the most popular ones for you 5 boho trends summarized. which colors, shapes and fabrics make up the bohemian style and which clothes with which bags, shoes or pieces of jewellery perfectly combinable are, you can find out here. 


Boho styling ideas pattern macrame beach dresses basket bags

Boho Style Is characterized by flowing, vast and casual clothing out. Everything you feel comfortable in can already be boho fashion. Oversized tunics are therefore very typical Kimonos, Maxi Dresses or long, flowing skirts. 



The Pattern can be very different: from ethnic patterns to playful flowers, leopard print to batik - everything is allowed. But you can easily wear the bohemian style without a pattern and finish your outfit with eye-catching accessories. 




The color palette of the boho style is just as diverse as the abundance of patterns. The most common are shades of beige, pastel and cream, up to shades of brown, gold or various shades of white. Color palette boho style: white, beige, brown, gold, shades of cream


But what's in right now trend im Bohemian chic? We have you ours 5 favorites picked out:


     1. Basket bags with macrame accents

 Basket bag Ibiza beach bag XXL with zipper natural materials


    The beige one Basket bag is 100% boho style with its summery accents of tassels and shells. The material also screams boho: seagrass and cotton stand for naturalness and Sustainability and thus for the free, nature-related bohemian chic. You can best combine the bag with airy, cream-colored wrap dresses. But the bag also looks super stylish with jeans.



         2. Shell Jewelry



    Absolut summer and beach and therefore also boho jewelry accessories with real ones Shellfish. With bracelets, earrings or necklaces made of shells, you are not only the eye-catcher on the beach, but also radiate absolute in the city or at the lake holiday vibes

    In combination with dresses, skirts or shorts in brown, black or beige tones, a perfect contrast is created and the jewelery comes into its own. If you then wear sandals, slippers or flip flops decorated with shells, your look is complete 100% Boho.  



         3. Gold accentsStraw bag clutch with gold accents shimmer macramé


    Gold can also be boho! Set for it with accessories deliberate accents and lend your summer outfit that certain something. Our gold shimmering Burlap clutch "Capri" is made for it. The handmade clutch made of natural plant fibers stands for sustainable fashion as well as for style awareness. It is best to combine them with golden jewelry to create a rather subtle piece of clothing. So you can shine without dazzling like a disco ball. 


         4. Knitted and crocheted


    Crochet Dress White Beach


    are boho fashion comfortable clothes off soft, natural materials. And what's better than something knitted or crocheted? This Crop Tops or dresses are mostly made of soft materials and airy due to the small holes - so perfect for the summer! 





         5. Macrame pendant

     Basket bag with macrame bag pendant in boho style

    We have a very special tip for you: The Bag charm in macramé style. In loving manual work manufactured, the pendant is made of 100% cotton, real cowrie shells and wooden beads. With this boho accessory you can beautify your handbag, beach bag or backpack in a very individual way. 


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