5 boho trends for your perfect summer outfit 2023

Boho trends for summer outfits

2023 is the year of the boho - 5 trend recommendations for your unique summer outfits in boho style

Ready to embrace summer in stunning boho chic? I have the hottest trends of 2023 for you! Dive into the fascinating world of bohemian style and discover 5 essential trends for your perfect summer outfit in boho style in my latest blog post. From romantic summer dresses with playful boho patterns to trendy accessories - here you can find out how to spice up your wardrobe with the trendiest boho pieces. 

Be inspired by my selection to enjoy the summer in an irresistibly trendy look ✨


Trend #1: Large braided basket bags 🧺

Large, braided basket bags are very trendy this year and have prevailed over small bags that hardly fit anything. These spacious beach bags are not only ideal for the beach, but also for casual boho looks away from the beach, be it with airy dresses or blue jeans. With their bohemian flair, they are an all-round talent that gives every outfit a touch of nonchalance and style. Whether you want to take sunscreen, a book or your favorite lipstick with you, these trendy basket bags offer enough space and are an absolute must-have this season.

Find a suitable basket bag for you here!

Large woven basket bag

Trend #2: Shell jewelry 🐚

Another ongoing boho trend that has been an integral part of fashion for several seasons is shell jewelry. This jewelery is reminiscent of the sea and gives every outfit that certain something. Shell necklaces, bracelets and earrings are not only popular in summer, but can also be worn later to keep memories of warm and sunny days alive. The shell jewelry rounds off every boho outfit in a natural and elegant way and gives it a maritime touch. 

Browse shell jewelry now🐚

Shell Jewelry Earrings Shell Necklace Bracelet

Trend #3: Tie-dye pattern

Tie-dye, the popular trend of the 90's, is back and conquering today's fashion. Clothing and accessories with this unique pattern can be found more and more often, especially among boho lovers. The vibrant colors and handcrafted patterns make each piece unique. Whether as a maxi dress, shirt or kimono - batik patterns are a statement and a homage to bygone times and go perfectly with a casual and trendy look.

My absolute favorite piece with a batik print  Batik Kimono "Bali" by Julesmar Boutique🖤

Tie-dye pattern kimono beach dress

Trend #4: Shimmering Accents ✨

Gold and silver can be boho too! Set accents with accessories and give your summer outfit that certain something. My tip: don't overdo it with shimmer elements in outfits! It is best to combine shimmering accessories such as bags, clutches or jewelery with a discreet piece of clothing. 

My shimmering favorites for summer boho looks are these clutches made from natural plant fibers:

Jute Clutch "Capri"

Jute Clutch "Morocco"

Shimmering boho style clutch

Trend #5: Knitted & crocheted

And last but not least, crocheted and knitted parts should not be missing as a boho trend in 2023. It doesn't matter whether it's crocheted bikinis for the beach or knitted crop tops & dresses - these garments are mostly made of soft, natural materials and are airy thanks to the small holes, making them perfect for summer! Bright colors and playful embroidery make your boho outfit an absolute eye-catcher in summer.

 Here are my personal boho knit & crochet favourites:

Crochet Crop Top "Crete"

Crochet Bikini Set "Brazil"

Boho crochet dress "Philippines"



PS I hope you enjoyed my blog post and could help you to get inspired for new, unusual boho outfits and combinations🤍 Above all, wear what you like and what you are comfortable in feel! So you can not only perfectly implement the boho look, but also express your personality. So let's enjoy the summer to the fullest and feel comfortable in the clothes that we like best - according to the motto: "Be bright, be boho, be yourself!"

With sunny greetings from Leipzig☀️

Your Julia from the Julesmar Boutique 



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