The barefoot sandal - foot jewelry in hippie boho style


You don't really know what one Barefoot sandal is and how you deal with the trendy Foot jewelry can easily add that certain something to your summer outfits? - Then you have come to the right place in our Julesmar Fashion & Travel Blog! In this blog post we will tell you what exactly you should understand by a barefoot sandal, where it originated and how you can best wear and combine it.

What is a barefoot sandal?

The barefoot sandal is a absolute foot jewelry trend, but so far relatively unknown in Germany. You can easily think of a barefoot sandal as one Mix from anklet and laced up Sandal introduce. In contrast to normal anklets, which you only wear on the ankle, the barefoot sandals are also attached to the toe and then laced up. So they not only beautify your ankle, but yours entire foot. However, the barefoot sandal has no footbed and is therefore - unlike the normal sandal - not a shoe in the narrower sense.

Whether with small pendants, shells, pearls or with eye-catching elements in boho style - the barefoot sandals are an absolute one, not least because of the many decorations looker


Where do the barefoot sandals come from?

The barefoot sandal originally comes from the indian Raum, because for cultural reasons the people there tend not to wear footwear and therefore very often to run barefoot. Because of this, they started to decorate their feet. Back then, barefoot sandals were traditionally only worn by married women.
Today, however, all Indian women adorn their feet with barefoot sandals and even some men. Indian musicians in particular wear the foot jewelry. They attach bells to their barefoot sandals and use them as a kind of additional instrument by making dancing movements to the beat of the music. But also on festive occasions such as Weddings the barefoot sandal is particularly popular.


How are barefoot sandals worn?

Barefoot sandals belong to the category of foot jewelry and are therefore worn on the foot. Unlike conventional anklets, the barefoot sandal is not only worn on one foot, but on both feet. That is why the scope of delivery also includes always two pieces - so a couple. The barefoot sandal is attached to Toe and ankle. You have two different options for attaching the barefoot sandal to your ankle: 

Either with an ordinary jewelry clasp, such as a small snap hook or with a feminine lacing that flatters your foot or leg and skilfully stages both. 

We recommend the following 4 steps to be observed, so that your barefoot sandal fits perfectly:


1.) First attach the barefoot sandal to your second largest toe by simply pushing this toe through the existing one Toe loop stuck.

2.) To wear the barefoot sandal perfectly, you can have yours individual length Adjust between toe and ankle using the sliding knot. It should feel comfortable for you and the barefoot sandal should neither be too loose nor too tight on the foot. 

3.) Now you attach the barefoot sandal to your ankle or leg with the help of the Jewelry clasp or a individual lacing. With a lacing, the barefoot sandal is wrapped several times around the lower part of your calf and closed with a bow. It is up to you how often you lace up your barefoot sandals. So you decide whether the lacing should only be at the level of the ankle or also along your leg. Play here Individuality and your preference a major role!

4.) You do the same for your second foot - et voilà - the trendy barefoot sandals are already decorating your feet!

You are welcome to do the following again Video and see how we best fasten our barefoot sandals.

Where and when are barefoot sandals actually worn?

The barefoot sandal is a real insider tip for all fans of foot jewelry. The barefoot sandal has long been an indispensable accessory abroad. In Germany it is still considered an insider tip and is particularly worn by fashion influencers and fashion-conscious women. 

What do you think of when you think of wearing barefoot sandals? Probably on Sea, beach and pool - and rightly so! The foot jewelry conjures up directly holiday feeling come here. Since most barefoot sandals are made of cotton, they can also be worn in the sand and water. So you can perfectly round off your summer outfit or beach outfit - whether it's a bikini, summer dress or short shorts. 

But not just barefoot the foot jewelry is a real eye-catcher. The barefoot sandal can also be worn in sandals, mules, ballerinas or open heel shoes. To an evening Walk in the park or one Bar visit the foot jewelry fits just as well as it does on a day at the beach. 

What do you have to consider when wearing and caring for it?

In the first place, actually not that much. Most barefoot sandals are made of high quality Cotton and are therefore perfect for summer, water, beach and sea! The material is pretty tough and withstands prolonged exposure to the sun, grains of sand and (sea) water - without losing any of its color intensity. 
If there should be small impurities, you can easily do this via Hand wash remove with a little soap and water. Afterwards, it is best to lay the barefoot sandal flat to dry. A shady spot is better suited to avoid direct sunlight. We also recommend that you keep the foot jewelry - as long as you are not wearing it - in the Shadow to keep. So it stays Color your barefoot sandal will be beautiful for a long time!

Our Conclusion: Whether on vacation in tropical countries or in our local summers in Germany - the barefoot sandal is an absolute insider tip and must-have for all fashion-conscious and accessory-loving women - like you!
We are absolutely sure that you will bring the still secret trend to Germany and wear your barefoot sandals Trendsetter will!


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