Gift ideas - our fashion and accessories must-haves


Is it time for gifts and you are still looking? We have for you 4 different gift ideas collected: from small and timeless gifts to winter accessories to gifts in the hippie boho style. Because everyone individually and because the gift to your loved one should also be very individual. Here you will find suggestions, ideas and our absolute fashion and accessories Must-haves. Let yourself be inspired and find the perfect gift!

Our gift ideas

Timeless gifts  

Yes, there are: accessories that never go out of style. Classics that can always be worn and that you can give away at any time. What are these accessories? They can be worn with almost any outfit, regardless of the season. Beige colors, but also gray and black are perfect for this. What else you should watch out for is that versatile use. In the case of bags, this could mean an adjustable handle, different compartments or storage options or simply the right size of the bag.


The absolute must-have Among the handbags for us: a bag that completes the outfit thanks to the adjustable handle, both as a shoulder bag and as a tote bag. The bag shouldn't be too big, but still have space for the most important utensils - such as cell phone, keys, make-up or wallet. With a bag like our black one "London Streets" you can't go wrong - a perfect gift! 

They are also very popular at the moment Glasses and mask chains. Here too there are real classics that go with every outfit - whether elegant or casual. Our all-in-one glasses and mask chains “Tenerife” in black or "Zanzibar" every outfit is finished in silver and can be worn all year round. Whether for sunglasses, reading glasses or a mask - the chains are an absolute must and belong in every wardrobe. 


Small gifts

If you want to give something small as a gift, this is suitable Jewelry preferably. The person you want to please wear every day Earringswhich always go with the respective outfit? Then earrings are probably the perfect gift. Now you just have to decide whether big or small, elegant or playful, black or colorful. That depends entirely on the person or the occasion. Your loved one likes to wear small and discreet earrings, then plugs, pearl earrings or earrings with a rhinestone are probably best. If she is an absolute summer fan and likes to wear colorful things, then our tassel earrings are "Stone" or "Statement" best for. The strong colors always put you in a good mood and are an absolute must Eye catcher


Small gift ideas: glasses and mask chains, shell jewelry, bracelets, earrings in hippie boho style


Another must-have among the accessories: Straps & Bracelets. Discreet and filigree, they can be worn with almost any outfit. A lot revolves around that with bracelets Material: from silver, gold or silver alloyed copper to bracelets made of cotton - the range is huge. With us you will find super filigree, feminine and summery bracelets. Our bracelet “Cowrie Shell” also fits perfectly with the earrings "Stone", which is why you can give both as a gift in the set. So your loved one has matching jewelry and no longer has to worry about it. 



Winter gifts

Is it winter and you want a suitable gift for the cold season? Then you have several options, but they should all have one thing in common: they should gemütlicher or cozy be and keep warm. Fur, teddy fur or knitwear are the perfect materials for this. This is a classic and an absolute must-have Beanie hat. A hat in light and beige tones or in black goes with almost every winter outfit. Your sweetheart is not a fan of hats? Then just pour her some HEADBAND , or Ear warmers. Cozy Teddy fur or soft Knitted cotton keep the ears warm and protect against cold and wind. With these gifts you can be 100% sure that your loved one will be happy. 

Winter gift ideas: Beanie hat "Amsterdam" in different colors, headband, shopper "St. Petersburg", fluffy fur



But bags can also have a winter touch: fluffy Teddy fur, plush or Wool provide that certain something in the cold season. They can be perfectly combined with a winter coat, scarf or hat and are therefore ideal for snowy winter days. Are you looking for a larger bag with plenty of storage space? Then bags are like ours Shopper “St. Petersburg ” the right choice. If you're looking for smaller bags, we recommend bags like ours Bucket bag "Alaska". The bag is small, but still has space for everything important such as wallet, cell phone or a small snack. With these bags you are giving away pure Winter feeling!



Gifts in hippie boho style

Last but not least: accessories, bags and dresses in the trendy hippie boho style. For everyone who prefers the whole year round Summer and for which nothing about Beach Sea and Journeys goes. If you want to give something away in Boho style, then first and foremost pay attention to the materials and the colors. natural materials such as seaweed or straw for bags, cotton or knitwear for clothes and light, natural colors make up the style. 

There is one bag in the hippie boho style that should be in every wardrobe: the Basket bag. Thanks to natural materials such as straw or seaweed and shells as well as tassels as decoration, it goes perfectly with summer outfits. In addition, large basket bags with plenty of storage space are perfect for the beach or a picnic in the meadow. Our "ibiza" or “Santorini” with Cowrie shells and white Tassels were by far the bestsellers last summer. 

You want even more hippie boho style? Then they are airy and playful dresses with fringes and embroidery is just the thing. If smooth surface and a silky feel, Cover-up or Kimono - everything is possible. As for the color, beige and light shades are also widely used here. What color you definitely can't go wrong with is white. White long hippie beach clothes are trendy and can be combined with anything. 

 Gifts in hippie boho style: long white boho maxi dress, sun hat, straw hat, basket bag beach bag Ibiza with shells and tassels


Have you found what you are looking for? Could we inspire you? It's never easy that matching gift to find. With these 4 gift ideas but you are definitely on the right track. And in the end it is only important that the gift comes from the heart.



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