Our basket bags - this is how you carry them in autumn


The basket bag remains a trend even in autumn

The basket bag was the undisputed of all bags this summer It bag. It can now be found in almost every wardrobe in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. And not without reason! natural materials like seaweed, warm hues and tassels in the Boho style exude summer charm and holiday vibes. But that's not all: because the bag is now available in countless designs, sizes and shapes, it can be worn for almost any occasion. And the best thing about it: With the right styling, your basket bag is also the perfect one Fall accessory!

Are you missing inspiration for autumn outfits with your basket bag? Then you are exactly right here! Here you can find out which materials the basket bag should be combined with and which colors harmonize with each other. We have ours Basket bags “Ibiza” and “Santorini” Made suitable for autumn and shot some outfits for you. Don't let your basket bag gather dust in the closet, use it as an it-piece for your autumn outfit!

Our styling tips for your basket bag: 

Denim looks: 

The beige tones of your basket bag create a warm contrast to the colder cyan blue or indigo of denim. No matter if to Jean jacket, denim skirt or to yours Favorite jeans - the basket bag can be perfectly combined with all denim looks. 


Grab your basket bag and combine it with light blue jeans and a white blouse or a white sweater. When the weather is nice, you can even wear your outfit with sunglasses and matching sunglasses Glasses chain top. Et voilá - the summery one is ready Autumn look. 



Cardigan and knit: 

This is where he plays of materials a major role. The combination of the robust material of the basket bag - seaweed, straw or raffia - and the soft, flowing fabric of your cardigan results in a wonderful material contrast. Cuddly and cozy but still summery and light. Top the combination of basket bag and cardigan with ours, for example Scarf in leopard print and consciously set accents. 

Check pattern: 

In autumn, nothing works without a check - whether as a coat, oversized shirt, blouse or scarf. In the fall one comes to the Check trend not around. The eye-catching pattern can be combined with something subtle or monochrome. The basket bag is made for it! Style your autumnal coat in shades of brown or yours Oversized shirt in green and black checked pattern with your beige basket bag and give your autumn outfit a unique summery touch. 

By the way, any denim fabric goes well with a checked pattern. So you can simply wear a denim jacket over your long dress with a checked pattern and finish the outfit with your basket bag. 



Elegant autumn chic: 

What is indispensable in autumn? Exactly that coat. It is best to combine a coat in brown or green tones with your basket bag. The colors harmonize wonderfully and exude an autumnal mood. And for those who want something a bit fancier: a long black one Blazer looks great in combination with a beige basket bag. When the weather gradually changes and a cool autumn wind is blowing, you can do ours perfectly Ear warmersours Beanie or ours HEADBAND wear and protect your ears. 



Hat or boots: 

Do you like to wear beanies or hats? Then just combine one of ours Hat with your basket bag. Depending on how your mood is today and what colors your outfit is, you can choose between beige, black, white and light blue. If you choose the black beanie, you can make your outfit look even cooler and rockier: just combine black ones Leather boats and a black one leather jacket to. The beige basket bag gives your outfit a soft and feminine touch and you have the perfect balance of rock-cool and delicate-feminine. 



As you can see, the basket bag is a stylish companion even in autumn and gives yours autumn outfits that certain something thanks to the summery touch.

The Outfit inspirations not enough for you yet? Then take a look at ours Instagram channel past. There we regularly post trendy outfits, styling ideas, interesting facts about fashion and sales.  

Be that trendsetter this Autumn and make your basket bag suitable for autumn now!


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