Sustainability: real leather vs. synthetic leather

When is a bag sustainable? 

You want to buy a new bag and are now faced with the question of which one Material should she be? Real leather or synthetic leather or vegan leather? What material is more sustainable and where are they Power and weaknesses? As is so often the case, there is not only black or white, because each material has its advantages and disadvantages. We have examined and compared both materials for you. How does ours fall Summary the end? You will find out in the following article. 


Genuine leather 

Real leather handbag close-up

Leather is considered a very High quality material for clothes, bags, shoes or furniture. It is one of the most durable Materials in the fashion industry and leather products can last for years with the right care. Thanks to the extremely robust and resistant So you don't have to buy something new every couple of years - which for a certain one Sustainability speaks. You can also see how real leather and the so-called "Patina" get even more beautiful over the years. This aging process gives leather bags life and character - like a good wine that develops its own individual taste over the years. So there is a lot to be said for real leather - also from a sustainability perspective.  

However, leather is obtained from animal hide and is therefore also a animal product. For many this aspect alone is a “no go”. In addition, processing and tanning are lengthy and complex steps in the production of the material. tanning is the name of the process in which the leather is turned into a durable material. The type of tanning determines how harmful the product is to ours Environment is. The use of hazardous materials like chrome is unfortunately still widespread and is harmful to both the environment and workers. Besides, the Care a bit more complex for products made of real leather. You can find tips and tricks for proper care here. 

At a glance

Advantages of real leather

  • Durable
  • Robust, resilient
  • Pleasant feel
  • Unique 

Disadvantages of real leather

  • Animal product
  • Elaborate manufacturing process (can be harmful to the environment and people)
2 real leather handbags


Here you can find our real leather bags:


    artificial leather

    First things first: no animals have to die for products made from artificial leather. It will therefore too vegan leather and for that reason alone is the better choice for all vegans. In terms of appearance, it comes very close to real leather, but it is nonetheless cheaper - an absolute strength of the material. In addition, artificial leather is very good resistant. You can easily wipe off stains or liquids. Accordingly, care is also a lot easier than with real leather. Some care Tips for artificial leather products you can find here .

    Black synthetic leather close-up

    In addition, artificial leather has long been widespread and accepted by everyone, which is why it is very often used as an alternative not only in the fashion industry. 

    But artificial leather does not only have advantages: that Material (e.g. PVC or polyurethane) is not degradable. It is partly obtained from petroleum and therefore harms the Environment. It is also not uncommon for harmful substances to be used in production. In addition, artificial leather may not be as durable as real leather, which can mean that you have to replace your product faster, which is also not necessarily sustainable. 

    At a glance

    Advantages of synthetic leather

    • No animal product (vegan)
    • Good value for money
    • It looks a lot like real leather
    • Easy care
    • Hard-wearing, robust 

    Disadvantages of synthetic leather

    • Environmental pollution when extracting the material
    • Manufactured with substances, some of which are harmful to health
    • Lower durability of cheaper types of artificial leather
    4 synthetic leather pockets


    Here you can find our synthetic leather bags:


    Like you you see, both real leather and synthetic leather have theirs Strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a clear answer to the question of which material is better or more sustainable. When making a decision, what you consider important and what you value plays a big role.

    Is it important to you that the product lasts a long time and is robust? Then real leather is probably the right choice. If you do not have the time or inclination for a lot of care or value animal-free products, then you should probably choose products made of artificial leather. 

    And maybe a completely different material is right for you. How about something natural, for example seagrass, Cotton or fluffy plush? More sustainable than seaweed like ours Basket bags “Ibiza” and “Santorini” it's almost impossible. But also natural cotton our teddy plush Shoppers “St. Petersburg ” are Alternatives to artificial and real leather. There are many options, but ultimately it is your decisionwhat you choose. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and it just depends on what you value. 


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