Sustainable & stylish: braided basket bags

Sustainable seagrass beach bags

Absolutely sustainable: Braided basket bags ðŸ§º

do you know the problem The search for the perfect bag, especially a beach bag, is tedious and tedious for many women. After all, not only does the size, appearance and price have to be right, but the bag should ideally also have a zipper for secure closure. And when you've finally found a nice bag, you realize that it's not even sustainable, as desired. So the search begins again...

But which material is sustainable for braided basket bags? 

It is important to realize that there are actually sustainable alternatives for bags. Instead of resorting to cheaper, synthetic bags, you can look for bags made from more environmentally friendly materials, such as straw, palm leaves, jute or seagrass seek. Such braided bags are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly in their production.

Our sustainable seagrass basket bags 🌾

Basket bags made from seagrass are not only stylish, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The hardy seagrass will in laborious manual work woven into beautiful bags. But the true value of these bags lies in their sustainability. 

Seagrass is a renewable resource that grows quickly and without the use of additional resources such as water or fertilizers. Harvesting seaweed has too positive impact on the environment, as it absorbs excess nutrients from the water, thus helping to improve water quality. After harvesting, seaweed is dried and can then be further processed for wicker goods such as our wicker bags. 

In addition, when buying basket bags made of seagrass, you have to know that seagrass does not grow in Germany. Seagrass originated in Southeast Asia. We also get our already woven baskets from there and pay attention to fair working conditions when selecting our producers. The artisanal tradition is maintained through the sale of seaweed products, which local people enjoy income and economic opportunities offers. With your purchase of basket bags from Julesmar Boutique, you also support the local people in the coastal areas of Southeast Asia.


Basket bag handmade

Our three bestsellers:

1. Macrame basket bag "Ibiza" - 59,99€

Discover the magic of boho chic with our fascinating "Ibiza" basket bag. The "Ibiza" is perfect for you if you want to express your personal style with a touch of naturalness. Crafted from sustainable seagrass and adorned with real cowrie shells and natural cotton white macramé accents, it will become an essential accessory for your individual boho look.

 Basket bag Ibiza 

Yes, I want them😍

 2. Maritime basket bag "Santorini" - €59,99

Discover the maritime charm of the Mediterranean with our "Santorini" basket bag. Decorated with real cowrie shells, a stylish maritime embroidery in blue and white and brown faux leather handles, it perfectly embodies the casual Boho and Mediterranean style. The bag offers enough space for your beach essentials and adds a touch of coastal romance to your look. A must-have for everyone who loves maritime flair and appreciates sustainable fashion.

 Basket bag Santorini - braided beach bag

Braided basket bag Santorini

She is exactly like made for me 💙

3. Simple "Palma" basket bag - €54,99

Discover the simple beauty of our woven basket bags. Kept in a simple beige, it is the perfect accessory for your boho look. The bag impresses with its clean aesthetics and is complemented by a long and shorter handle made of faux leather in beige, which gives the design a noble touch. In addition, you can personalize the bag with an individual pendant of your choice to set a special accent. 

Beach bag Palma

Wow! I want them🌴

Basket bags made of seagrass are not only stylish and versatile, but also a symbol of conscious consumption. By choosing a seagrass basket bag, you help break the throwaway fashion cycle and invest in a more sustainable product instead.

A basket bag made of seagrass is not only a fashion accessory, but also a statement for environmental awareness and social responsibility. It embodies the beauty of nature and shows that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

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