Our 6 care tips for straw hats

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The straw hat is the most popular headgear and an absolute must-have in summer. However, it can quickly lose its original shape and change its appearance. We introduce you to our 6 insider tips and show you which things you have to consider so that you can keep your straw hat for as long as possible.

How do I properly care for my straw hat?

To do this, it is necessary to know which straw material your hat was made from. The spectrum ranges from luxurious South American Panama hats made from Toquilla palm to airy Asian hats made from rice straw. Have in Europe Straw hats off Palms, Seaweed and Paper straw found their way into people's hearts and minds. And not without reason - because hats made from these fabrics convince with their robustness, airiness and their 100% sun protection.



6 tips to keep your straw hat looking new for longer:

1.) Avoid heat
Basically, a straw hat can withstand hot temperatures. If you wear it in the sun for a long time, the moisture given off by your scalp will act as protection against drying out and becoming brittle. An absolute no-go, however, is to leave your straw hat on the shelf in the car. When the sun shines on your car, up to 70° C. The enormous heat dries out your hat and it becomes brittle. It is important to avoid that in any case!
2.) Correctly putting on and taking off 
To ensure that your straw hat retains its original shape for as long as possible, you should only touch it by the brim when putting it on and taking it off. 
3.) Remove bumps and wrinkles
Has your hat got some wrinkles or bumps in the suitcase after a long flight? Then we have an insider tip: you can easily remove the wrinkles and bumps with the steam of an iron, clothes steamer or pot of boiling water. All you have to do is hold your hat over the steam for a few minutes. 
4.) Keep it away from water
Straw hats like humid, but not wet, climates. Therefore, you should keep it away from water and under no circumstances use it as rain protection. 
5.) Avoid becoming brittle 
In dry and warm climates, the material of your straw hat - especially Panama hats - dries out very quickly and makes it brittle. That's why you should spray it with an atomizer every now and then. 
6.) Clean properly 
A straw hat is best cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. We have 2 insider tips for stubborn stains: 

  • Gently rub a piece of lemon into your hat and let the lemon soak in for a moment. Now moisten a brush with lukewarm water and carefully brush off your straw hat. And voilá - the stain is gone!
  • Alternatively, you can use curd soap for cleaning. Make sure not to use any liquid soaps, detergents or all-purpose cleaners - only pure soap.

With these simple Tips and Tricks Your straw hat will stay with you longer and will also serve as a sun protection and fashion accessory for your next summer vacation. 
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