5 summer outfits for your beach vacation ✈️

Summer outfits ideas for beach vacation

On a beach holiday with little luggage? We'll show you how easy and simple you can be in 2023 stylish can travel! 

Do you know that, too? Days before the long-awaited vacation, I get stressed because I still have to pack my bags and before that I have to think about what I want to take with me and what to wear. In the end I always do it at the last minute, pack something and then way too much. Arriving on vacation, I'm not really satisfied with my choice of clothes or outfits and I'm annoyed with myself why I didn't just pack my suitcase earlier.

If you feel the same way before the holiday as I do, then you should definitely read the post to the end. Because I present you my simple and yet perfect solution to the problem - because the golden rule is: less is more! Using this basic rule, I'll show you how to put together the ultimate capsule wardrobe for your next beach vacation with at least 5 vacation outfits. And that completely: Stress-free, stylish and with a lot of self-love!

PS: In case you're wondering what a capsule wardrobe is, you'll find here the answer.

Capsule wardrobe for your beach vacation

You need just as many things to shine every day on your beach holiday: 

Beach vacation outfits

- 1 solid color shirt

- 2 tops: a crop top & a spaghetti strap top

- 1 pair of denim shorts

- 1 pair of airy trousers (+ a wide statement belt if necessary)

- 1 or 2 bikinis

- 1 beach dress...

...and this is how you combine everything correctly:


[Outfit #1]: Blue jean shorts & crochet crop top - combo of crochet & denim

Crochet parts in white and denim shorts in blue are inseparable this year and give you absolute Casual chic vibes - whether on the beach or while walking in the city. 

Outfit with crochet top

My crochet favorite - crocheted Crop Top "Crete" [19,99 €] from Julesmar Boutique.


[Outfits #2]Your favorite bikini on & beach dress over it

Loose, airy & light! Cover-up dresses are a must-have on every beach holiday and are also extremely practical: put on a bikini, cover-up beach dress over it and off to the beach or pool bar!

Beach dress summer outfit

My favorite dresses from Julesmar Boutique:

- Cover Up beach dress "Mallorca" [47,99€]

- Kimono "Florence" [44,99€]

- Crochet dress "Philippines" [39,99€]

And the whole thing is best spiced up with a waist belt with shells: 

- Waist belt "Nice" 


[Outfits #3Casually combined: denim shorts, top & cover-up beach dress

Beach dresses are not only beautiful, but also super practical on vacation. In the morning you wear the dress on the beach as a bikini cover up and in the afternoon over jeans shorts and a tank top in the city loose boho style throw

Summer dress outfits holiday

[Outfits #4]: Denim shorts & solid color shirt 

It couldn't be more comfortable! This outfit is perfect for all casual lovers like me. Grab a basket bag and off you go goes's to town!

Summer outfits on vacation

My favorite basket bags in summer:

Macrame basket bag "Ibiza" [59,99€]

- Maritime basket bag "Santorini" [59,99€]

- Simple basket bag "Palma" [54,99€]

PS: They are also perfect as hand luggage for your summer vacation. Stable, big enough and also super stylish.


[Outfits #5]: Airy trousers, top & statement waist belt as an accent

My absolute favorite outfit for romantic walks and evenings with my boyfriend on vacation. Summery, airy and stylishly elegant at the same time!

Holiday summer outfit

I recommend you the:

- Straw waist belt "Nice" [29,99€] from Julesmar Boutique


And here you get two more insider tips from me for your perfect holiday and look

[My insider tip 1]: Don't forget the shell jewellery 

What would my outfits be without my beloved shell jewellery? Round off your outfits with necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from real cowrie shells. Shells and summer simply belong together!


shell jewellery

I recommend the beautiful one Shell jewelry from the Julesmar Boutique [from 9,99] 

[My insider tip 2]: The braided basket bag as the all-round accessory in summer

Whether as a beach bag, spacious bag as hand luggage or as an everyday companion in the city. I love basket bags in summer and wear them with almost every summer outfit!

My favorite basket bags in summer:

Macrame basket bag "Ibiza" [59,99€]

- Maritime basket bag "Santorini" [59,99€]

- Simple basket bag "Palma" [54,99€]



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