About Us

Julesmar stands for the two founders Jule and Marcel. Both have a great passion for travel in common, which inspired them to found Julesmar.


His passion for Marcel began in 2004 when he went on a world tour for a year. The return home to Germany was more difficult for him than initially expected. Many more trips followed his world tour. Until he finally went abroad for six years for a German company to manufacture and market cosmetics and perfumes in Eastern Europe and Asia. 

Julia gained her first professional experience in e-commerce companies that marketed their products exclusively online. There she learned important basics, which she has been able to use excellently at Julesmar since then. In 2018, Julia's passion for travel was fully sparked when she volunteered for a marine conservation project on an Indonesian island. When she left the island after a few weeks with a suitcase full of impressions and experiences, she realized that she would like to continue to support social and marine protection projects in the world.

Together they founded Julesmar in 2019. The journey of our young label, founded in Leipzig, is only just beginning. We are full of motivation, ideas and creativity.


Through the relationship to the two founders, Julesmar stands for personality, closeness and trust. But also embodies the pure passion for traveling, to be happy with yourself and at the same time to do something good (for yourself). 


Our company headquarters are in the up-and-coming metropolis of Leipzig - a young, dynamic and creative city in the east of Germany. From here we create new ideas, implement them and send your order.


With our summery products we would like to accompany you on the journey of your life and remind you of very special moments and experiences. In particular, wanderlust and wanderlust should always be reflected in our Julesmar products. Always set off to new destinations with our accessories from Julesmar and just feel completely happy! 


Our products are all handcrafted in Asia, primarily in Indonesia. We proceed carefully when selecting our products and suppliers, paying particular attention to quality, performance and sustainability. We have decided to work exclusively with producers who pay attention to environmental protection in their countries of origin and who are involved in social projects.

For example, we decided on a jewelry manufacturer from Bali who especially supports women on site and gives them a perspective in life. Because, culturally, many women in Indonesia and Bali are not allowed to work due to many family and religious obligations. However, this limits the independence and financial freedom from which these women suffered. In order to solve this problem, our producer from Bali created the possibility for jewelery manufacturers to work from home, to earn money and at the same time not to neglect their family and religious obligations.

We design our products together with our manufacturers. Well thought-out designs and high-quality materials - exclusive and individual. Each accessory is unique in its own way. They complete your look and should always match your individual type, because accessories underline your personality. 

"Accessories makes everything better"


But when we tell stories of wanderlust, wanderlust and summer accessories with our Julesmar products, we also tell stories of polluted seas and the endangered marine animals and plastic waste washed up on the beaches of the world. For this reason, we at Julesmar would like to give something back and make an active contribution to marine protection.

When you shop at Julesmar, you are not only doing good for yourself - Because we leave 1% of each of the Julesmar products you buy to a non-profit marine conservation organization! Every three months we donate one percent of our entire proceeds to a new association or organization to protect our seas and marine life. You can follow our contribution to marine protection on Facebook and Instagram.